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Nestlé Drumsticks

"With print-on-demand, it didn’t matter if the campaign resulted in tens of thousands or millions of orders. The up-front investment to Nestlé was the same. They created a budget for the campaign and knew the fixed costs in advance, said Moore. With the campaign’s success reaching the millions, this proved to be a very successful strategy."

RPI Exceeds Client’s Expectations for Campaign Quality and Cost Management.

When Nestlé wanted to promote its Drumstick brand sundae cones through a personalized baseball cards promotion, they turned to RPI for an automated and cost effective approach to web order fulfillment, production and mailing.

For the campaign to be successful, the cards had to be high quality and match the look and feel of “real” baseball cards. Yet costs had to be managed carefully since Nestlé positioned the cards as a free giveaway.

“Nestlé challenged us to create a highly personalized marketing campaign,” said Susan Moore, Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales for RPI. “Thanks to our experience in managing highly customized programs for other large clients, we were confident we could help them achieve their vision.”

In order to meet the campaign’s rigorous criteria for mass customization and logistics, RPI created a solution that included:

  • A strong front-end system to process orders from a website that could be customized with a fan’s picture, team name, baseball stats and other information.
  • An automated Web-to-Print workflow that ensured quick turn- around and fulfillment of orders.
  • Monthly tracking reports that enable Nestlé to track and evaluate the campaign’s success.
  • A unique financial model that met Nestlé’s need for cost management.



After the campaign launched, orders flew in at an average of 600 to 1,000 per day – a rate that added up to nearly two million packs of cards for the duration of the campaign. Thanks to RPI’s technology and expertise, the quality of the finished product exceeded Nestlé’s expectation.

“When Nestlé saw the finished product, they said the output was almost photographic,” Moore said. “They told us the quality exceeded anything else they’d seen.”

A leading industry analyst from InfoTrends said the Nestlé campaign marked the first time she had ever seen a packaging concept used as a turn-key marketing tool.

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