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Johnson Controls

“We needed a more innovative approach that supported our distributors and eliminated waste.”

Jeff Hurt
Marketing Communications Manager, Systems
North America Building Efficiency

RPI Helps Johnson Controls Easily Customize Collateral For Local Markets.

Updating materials with new, current information was difficult.

Sales teams frequently ‘customized’ brochures by stapling business cards to each piece.

Printing small runs of personalized marketing materials was virtually impossible.

30 percent to 40 percent of the materials were thrown away.

Johnson Controls Had No Way To Customize Literature for Dealers and Distributors, and Was Throwing Away Much of its Marketing Collateral

Johnson Controls, Incorporated (JCI) is a global diversified technology and industrial leader serving customers in more than 150 countries. Its unitary products division works with a national network of distributors and dealers across the U.S. to market and sell its consumer brands: Luxaire, York, Coleman, Guardian and Fraser- Johnston.

Product offerings and marketing strategies vary significantly between distributors and dealers. As a result, there is a large demand for customizable marketing collateral.


In 2009, Johnson Controls had a warehouse filled with printed marketing collateral. The materials were printed in large quantities and shipped to distributors upon request.

JCI installed a powerful Marketing Action Center (MAC), that enabled its network to create and order an extensive range of customized marketing materials designed to grow their businesses. However, no frictionless process existed with the MAC to enable users to print customized products on demand.

RPI integrated print-on-demand technology into JCI’s marketing platform.

Dealers can now quickly and easily customize literature, and order only what they need.

RPI’s customer support line helps distributors or dealers with questions and provides system training for users.

JCI shuttered its expensive brochure warehouse.

More than 230 JCI distributors and dealers can now easily customize collateral.

Only the exact quantity required is printed; no waste.

JCI brand standards are maintained, even on customized literature.

RPI Helps Johnson Controls Reduce Cost and Waste by Providing Customized Print-on-Demand Literature

JCI turned to RPI-Atlanta, specialists in integrating print-on-demand technologies and processes into existing networked marketing asset management systems. RPI solved JCI’s problem by integrating print- on-demand technology into their existing Marketing Action Center platform. RPI also provided user support by phone to answer dealer and distributor questions and provide training for new users of the system.

With RPI’s integration in place, distributors are able to create, order and print materials in quantities ranging from 25 to 5,000 from templates that are easy to use and brand-compliant. Users can quickly create materials that are customized and relevant to the needs of specific markets, and create the exact quantities they need with no minimums.

Users can now order exact quantities of customized collateral WITH NO WASTE

Orders are processed within minutes, and delivered in less than three days. Options include catalogs, posters, door hangers, ads, outdoor billboards, manuals, presentation tools, and much more. More than 36,000 printed pieces are produced each month on average.

“By integrating our technology into Johnson Controls’ existing MAC system, we essentially provided an automated ‘Easy’ button for users to print their materials,” says Susan Moore, senior vice president of sales for RPI.

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