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Goodwill of NW North Carolina

“When we walked them through the site and demonstrated the system, one person told us, THIS IS LIKE MAGIC!"

Susan Moore
RPI Senior Vice President of Sales

RPI delivers speed and cost savings ‘like magic’ for non-profit client.

Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina, Inc. (Goodwill) is a private, nonprofit organization that has served the community since 1926. It transforms donations into jobs and job training for thousands of people in northwest North Carolina each year.

Goodwill employs 1,200 people and operates multiple facilities throughout its 31-county territory in northwest North Carolina, including 40 retail stores, three outlet stores, 18 training centers and nearly 60 staffed donation centers.

As the nonprofit organization grew, so did the need for printed business materials that reflected a consistent brand identity across a large geographic region.

The procurement process for stationery items and marketing materials was slow, cumbersome and costly. For example, business cards had multiple design templates and orders required four or five reviews among internal staff before moving forward with final design and production. Orders for business cards took nearly a month to fill and consumed precious staff time.

When Goodwill decided to upgrade the process, it asked RPI-Atlanta to help them solve the problem.

“In our initial meeting, they asked a simple question – ‘can you help us do this faster?’“ said Susan Moore, senior vice president of corporate sales at RPI. “We were confident that we could not only improve the process, but do it in a very cost-effective manner, something that’s critical for any nonprofit organization.”

RPI developed an intuitive user interface that offers pre-approved, brand-consistent templates for business cards, letterhead and envelopes for Goodwill’s 400 internal customers. Once orders are placed, the back-end technology automatically routes the order through design for review and to supervisors for approval.

The print-on-demand system enables users to print only what they need at any given time and quickly refill orders as the need arises.

The Goodwill storefront and print-on-demand system was up and running four weeks after the initial meeting and the team at Goodwill couldn’t be happier with the results.

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