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Home Service Store®

RPI met the client's goal of providing 24/7/365 marketing automation within eight weeks of the start of the engagement.

RPI’s innovative online toolbox empowers HSS affiliates to improve marketing ROI.

The Home Service Store® (HSS) is a home improvement management services company that coordinates the marketing, sale and installation of home improvement projects for several of America’s most respected home improvement and general merchandise “Big Box” retailers.

HSS works with a national network of more than 700 affiliated contractors. HSS manages the projects assigned to these dealers and installers from start to finish, with multiple customer touches to ensure customer satisfaction and minimize service issues.

HSS partners and affiliates use a wide variety of displays, marketing collateral, and even apparel to promote their services. Each element must meet be fully customizable while adhering to HSS brand standards.

Brand control is critical to meet the needs and expectations of business partners and consumers. Yet the pieces must be priced accordingly to encourage use by affiliates in their local markets.

“We want our affiliates to adapt materials to their unique situation,” said Sarah Dupras, vice president of marketing at HSS. “But we also have to ensure quality, consistency, and brand integrity.”

HSS asked RPI to help them find a workable, yet affordable solution. The answer: the HSS Affiliate Toolbox, an advanced website that leverages the power of print-on- demand technology and enables HSS and its partners manage their business needs online.

Through a simple, unified web interface, affiliates can order everything from business cards, showcase panels and ID badges to polo shirts, all with customized information and consistent, accurate branding. Products are shipped directly within two to three business days.

“A program like this empowers the affiliate network to localize their branded collateral and gets it in their hands quickly,” said Susan Moore, vice president of corporate sales for RPI.

RPI met the client’s goal of providing 24/7/365 marketing automation within eight weeks of the start of the engagement.

With the Affiliate Toolbox up and running, HSS corporate brand standards are now firmly in place and readily available for the company’s affiliate network. And the toolbox can be easily updated with new promotional items as needed by the affiliates.

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